Partnering with a Marketing Agency – Santa Ana CA

Partnering with a Staffing Agency

Our relationship with Staffing Solutions started in the beginning of 2015 when I met the owner Fortino Rivera through an organization called Hispanic 100. This organization was founded with a purpose to equip and inspire young students in high school and college with tools to become successful in the corporate world. I took part of their mentorship program and I was lucky enough to be partnered with Fortino as my mentor.

Fast forward a few meetings, lunches and visits to his office in Santa Ana CA, I told him about what I was doing with The Red Design and how our goal is to help companies broaden their reach online in order to acquire more customers.

He liked what my partner and I had to offer and he decided to give us a try. It’s been almost 2 years now since we’ve known each other and by means of our marketing services we have developed a great relationship with Fortino and his partner Lucia Montellano.

Partner Goal: Know the BusinessTino_and_Lucia_standing_staffing_solutions

Here at The Red Design we try not to think of ourselves as vendors, instead, we act partners. If Staffing Solutions succeeds, we succeed. This is our mentality.

Just last month we met with Fortino over lunch (I had a delicious steak) and he updated us on his most pressing issues. We not only focus on helping him with his website and internet marketing but if there are other issues (which every business encounters) we try our best to meet those issues.

Partner Goal: Cater to Their Needs

How can someone know what the needs are without taking the time to ask? At The Red Design we make sure that our clients are getting the results they expect. And if for some reason we can’t deliver we practice being transparent and tell them what our issues are and how we can work together to solve them.

In the past months there were times when we had to retarget the marketing strategy. They told us how they were not getting as many calls for their temporary job openings. So we recommended launching an ad campaign on Facebook and asked them how they would like to advertise the job openings. By the next month we saw how the clicks to the Job Openings page increased. They were happy and we were happy.

By partnering with companies we become part of their team. We try our best to find solutions to their business problems as if it were our own. Why do we do it? Simply because we care. The mutual help will result in the benefit of all involved. Hopefully our relationship with Staffing Solutions will only get stronger and we’ll be able to reach new heights together!

In order to build their website we had to get to know their company. Check it out here.

Learn More About Staffing Solutions

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What Makes a Good Website? – Palm Beach FL

make_good_website_design5 Principles of a Good Website Design

When designing a website it is often hard to gauge what design will work best. As a designer the common mistake is to design according to what you think looks good which often times is based solely on your personal perspective.

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For this reason you need to put yourself in the shoes of those you intend to target. Once you identify your target cater the design and layout of your site to them. Here are some basic principles to keep in mind when designing a website to ensure your site is successful.

1. Purposewebdesign_target_market

Ask yourself, what are am I trying to achieve with this website? Without a clear purpose you won’t know whether your website is good or not. When the your purpose is definite you will know how to cater to your visitors. Is your site intended to inform, entertain, sell, or gain subscriptions? Whatever it may be, your purpose needs to be clear to ensure quality which your users will be able to rely on. This will also help with retention. Users will know what you are all about and if your message is clear they will not click away.

2. Communication

Because we live in the age of information, clear, concise information on your website is key. People do not have time to sort through long texts. Make sure to use appropriate layout, headings, sub-headings, lists and bullet points where your users can identify important information quickly.

3. Color

Colors are important to compliment your brand and enhance user experience. Use colors to create harmony (something pleasing to the eyes). If the design is not harmonious it will give the user either a boring or chaotic feeling which the human brain naturally rejects. Color harmony delivers visual appeal and order which the mind can easily process. According to Color Matters visual harmony is a dynamic equilibrium between understimulation and overstimulation.

4. Imagery

More often than not a picture is better than a thousand words. Be careful with choosing the right pictures to complement your purpose and message. Images facilitates the learning process and helps us remember things quickly. Make sure they are not too small, blurry or obscure. For affordable and good quality, pictures use websites like 

5. Font

Typography is essential for web design. Make sure the Headings are bold so they pop. Reason being, most people only read the headings when scanning through sites. Sans-serif and serif fonts are the most widely used fonts. The most widely used font for the body is serif. It is simple and elegant. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Using fancy and extravagant fonts can be risky. As far as size goes, 16 pixels for the Body and 24 for Headings are the ones most often used.  


Whether you’re looking to build a personal, professional, blogging, or E-commerce site whatever it may be, contact us at The Red Design. We’ll be happy to design a site that will bring you success.

Click here to see some examples of a good website.

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Online Marketing on Facebook

Facebook: Online Marketing Tool



Social media has become a vital tool in internet marketing and for the Internet in general. People are now using their phones or computers not to just “work” or talk to their loved ones, but most people’s time online are being used in social networks such as Facebook.

According to Business Insider, 20% of total time spent online in the US across both desktop and mobile devices is on social platforms. And according to comScore, Facebook alone makes up 14% of total time spent online. I sure can attest to this. I may start by looking at a picture of a friend’s newborn baby, then 10 minutes later I’m watching a funny prank video. Next thing I know 30 minutes has passed.

Facebook is very good at grabbing our attention. After all, we are social creatures. However, this is why as a businessman, or woman, it is important to understand this tool and use it to our advantage. Facebook has offered the public with the opportunity to market our products and services for free or a reasonable fee. They offer the chance to make a separate page just for your business. To be an effective marketer you cannot let opportunities like this go by.

Here are a couple of tips on how to take full advantage of what Facebook has to offer. Let’s first focus on how to post content that will attract more clients.

What to Post

Your organization carries a particular personality just like every person does. Through the posts, let your Facebook page be the expression of your business’s culture, values, personality and even humor. So first, identify what you are trying to portray to your target market and then regularly post on your page content related to that image.

Quality Over Quantitytarget_marketing_facebook

It’s good to post everyday and even a few times a day, but don’t overdo it. Instead, take time to tailor your posts to your target market to ensure engagement. Make sure there is a clear call to action.

Do you want them to subscribe to something, click to a landing page, or call your company? Before posting ask yourself, “would this post cause me to engage, does this grab my attention?” Once you can say “Yes” to that question then go ahead and post.


Include Media

Also it’s good to include pictures or videos along with your posts. Multimedia content is huge and people love it. Scroll through your News Feed and you’ll see that most of the content on there are videos or pictures. As a beginner it’s okay to use content from other sources but as you progress with your marketing strategy invest in including original content. It’s getting easier and cheaper to produce videos.

We saw how Facebook has given businesses a great opportunity to market. You also got a couple of tips on what to post.

Stay tuned for more tips for online marketing on Facebook.

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Is it Still Important to Have a Website?

Petra_WebsiteNow that we have social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn and online business directories such as Yelp and Yellowpages you may be wondering whether your business still needs a website. The answer is yes, you do. The benefits of having a website are quite substantial and exceed the limitations set up by other private media such as Facebook.


With your very own website you are in control of what you want the world to know about your business. You have the liberty to express yourself and your company’s message the way you want to. There are limitations on social media platforms as to what you can put in them. With your own site the content can range from a picture to a video, arranged as you want it and on your own terms.


A website can be used to drive in more visitors thus increasing your visibility online. The Web is filled with users who are searching for answers to their problems and the number of users is only growing. Having a website increases your chances of being seen by them who are searching for information using search engines such as Google. It is also possible to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to further increase the chances of search engines finding your site according to the content that you put on your site.



Having a site says that your company is concerned with their image and cares about how they are represented. This gives the sense that your company professional especially if your website is aesthetically appealing and user friendly. It helps to build your company’s credibility. It shows that you are transparent and open to be viewed by everyone.


With a website you have a 24/7 sales team at your own disposal. Your customers are not limited by your office hours. You are able to list your services with great detail along with prices. You can even set up an online store so you can be selling as you’re sleeping soundly at night.

Although a social media page can help you display your company to the world it is still very limited. With a website your business can have a clear representation expressing what you want in a professional manner. The rewards outweigh the costs.

Now that you know the benefits of having a website how about finding out how much they cost? Click below!

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Website Made?

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When is it Time to Update a Website?

When is it Time to Update a Website?Although it would be ideal if we could use our original website for our business always; everywhere we look we can see that technology on the web and design practices evolve very rapidly. And with new trends rapidly shifting and changing all the time, many new styles are constantly appearing.

So what can you do to have your site stay current, fresh and relevant to your customers?

With 5 very useful tips you can know when to update and how to make sure your site is ready to take on anything.


Here are 5 Easy Ways to Know When it’s Time to Update Your Website:

1- First things first, what does it look like on a smartphone?
2- Look at your competitors’ websites. Can you notice a trend?
3- Are you getting the results you need?
4- At immediate glance, does it reflect your businesses personality?
5- Is it hard to navigate when using? Have other people give you their user experience.


Opportunity is the best factor to know when is the best time to update your website.Opportunity is the Best Reason to Update Your Website:

Even after knowing these tips above what really is the drive to go ahead and update or redesign your website? Opportunity.

How? By being a proactive company that seeks to change with the desires of their customers you will be able to cater to exactly what your clients are looking for and keep them as customers!

Your customers will greatly appreciate that you are constantly taking the time trying to teach them new things, accommodate their needs, staying current and an innovator in your market!

Want to check out different types of modern website designs? Click below!

Click to View Modern Website Designs

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How Much Does it Cost to Have a Website Made?

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Website Made? Palm Beach
We have all been there. Our business is doing great and customers like our service… but now we need a website.

Of course it’s very easy to go out and find one of the millions of web design companies out there to quickly create one for us, but how do we get the best website for the best cost? Here are some initial key points to look out for:

  • Will the cost be by the hour? Or by the project?
  • In how much time will the website be delivered?
  • Is the designer keeping up with modern best web design practices?
  • Will the site be mobile-friendly and responsive to different platforms?

What is the Right Cost for a Great Website?

There are many companies that will charge you $400 for a website which immediately sounds like a deal, but once you get the finished product you find out the site looks it’s from the 80’s and isn’t mobile-friendly.

Then you’ll find companies that will charge you over $4,000+; as if they are making the site out of diamonds! However, if you’re thinking of having a 4-5 page website with ways for your customers to quickly understand what you are selling and how to get in contact with or buy a product -you don’t need any high-end extensive programming masterminds to create your website. What you need is balance. 


Here is Nam Vietnamese Eatery's website. They are located in Santa Ana, Buena Park and Long Beach, California!5 Things You Need to Find Out Before Having Your Website Made:

  1- How many pages do you need? (Including the Home page).
  2- Do you have a color scheme you would like your site to have?
  3- Are there some example websites with designs you like?
  4- Do you already have images you can give the designer? Written content?
  5- Determine a clear purpose for your site.

Knowing these points beforehand will help save time and get you a fast quote from potential web designers.

A website of no more than 4-5 pages with a modern design, a custom color scheme, original content, mobile-friendly platform, social media integration and an effective lead generating layout should come to cost by the most $1,000. This is also including edits during the project as well as any bug fixes that are needed.

Some companies will even allow you to pay by halves to alleviate the cost, so make sure you ask about that. Well now you know how to go about researching, planning, hiring the right designer and getting the right cost for getting your awesome website made!

Want to check out different types of modern website designs? Click below!

Click to View Modern Website Designs

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Experience Paradise Foot Spa’s Grand Opening Now in Jupiter, FL!


We are super excited to say that our client Paradise Foot Spa is now having their Grand Opening in Jupiter, FL! After working with them in all the details of their website, their logo and the atmosphere of their building to portray successfully through all their social media and internet marketing we are so happy to say it has come to life and many people are coming to become loyal customers!

We have and the privilege of going into their store before it opened and were pleasantly surprised as to how much effort and detail they worked at to create an amazing and beautiful spa for all of their customers in Jupiter. We especially admired their spa chairs and beds which look so accommodating we can’t wait to become customers ourselves!


Come Take Advantage of their Grand Opening Special Foot & Body Massages!


Paradise_Foot_Spa_in_Jupiter_FL-1024x684For the month of November Paradise Foot Spa will be offering Grand Opening Specials like their $35/hour foot massage and more! spots are filling up fast so make a reservation quick! Also take advantage of the healing effects of their reflexology techniques that can help you in many areas which as their website explains, “include lower-back pain relief, increased circulation, better posture, insomnia remission, migraine prevention, and alleviated energy levels.”

Visit Paradise Foot Spa at 601 W Indiantown Rd Suite #2 Jupiter, FL 33458 or call them to schedule a visit today at: (561) 295-5197! For help with your business in services like website builder, logo and graphic design, and social media marketing services call The Red Design at (561) 320-7773 in West Palm Beach, FL and Santa Barbara, CA!


Request a Quote Now!

Call Today at (561) 320-7773 – Main office in West Palm Beach, FL

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Our Client Nam is Being Nominated for Best Vietnamese Restaurant, Best Pho and Best Sandwich for OC Weekly Best of 2015!

Vote for Nam Vietnamese Eatery to Win for Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Orange County!

nam_for_best_vietnamese_restaurant_in_santa_ana_CAWe are happy to say that our client Nam Vietnamese Eatery is being nominated by OC Weekly to be chosen to be the “best Vietnamese restaurant”, serving the “best pho dish” and the “best sandwich” in their areas of Santa Ana and Buena Park, CA!

Nam has striven to become the best at what they do and from their beginnings in Santa Ana have been getting such a great response from customers and students from Santa Ana College that they have been able to grow opening a new restaurant in Buena Park and soon in Long Beach. As their website builder and developer we have been very happy to be able to have aided them in their pursuit of excellent service and atmosphere and really love their design both online and in their stores.

We have had the opportunity to visit Nam’s restaurants several times and really enjoyed their food and how they have a very happy attitude and atmosphere that really let’s you sit back and relax while you enjoy a delicious pho, sandwich and everything exciting from their Vietnamese menu! With their awesome Vietnamese restaurants, dishes, catering and website design Nam Vietnamese Eatery is sure to win as one of the best restaurants in Orange County! To vote for them now CLICK HERE! Also you can visit their site at For website builder, design and development services in Santa Barbara, CA give us a call at (561) 320-7773!


Request a Quote Now!

Call Today at (561) 320-7773 – Santa Barbara, CA

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We Can Create & Make the Best Website for Your Business


How do you create the best website? By listening. We love our job because it allows us to create what is already in the vision of our clients! If you are looking to make the website design of your dreams you have found the right place.

We believe our website builder and developer services are unique because we are with you every step of the way and allow YOU to be the coordinator, inspirator and editor so your site comes out just as it is in your mind! Who better than to move our web designer hands, than you!

Learn How Our Website Builder Services Work to Create the Best Site!

At The Red Design, we assure quality with our web design and developement draft system. This means that after you give us your input and you vision, we will create a draft site that we will wait for you to approve (if it needs to change design direction we will make a new draft and send the new version back to you).

After you approve it we will go ahead and finish the site where you will be able to approve a pre-final draft and then that’s it! We are very confident in your satisfaction as our website maker work will ensure you get exactly what you want. We can work and build with all website templates and ecommerce sites.

Request a Quote Now!

Call Today at (561) 320-7773 – Main office in West Palm Beach, FL

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Our Experiences of Graphic Design for My NFL Flag Football in San Diego, CA

My_NFL_Flag_Football_Final-1024x336One of our most fun graphic designer jobs has been to work for San Diego, CA’s My NFL Flag Football’s logo design. My NFL Flag is a league that as their website states, is partnered with The NFL Flag, a program of NFL Play 60. Their main goal is to teach  children from 5-12 years old the exciting fundamentals of football with a non-contact environment where they can learn teamwork and sportsmanship.

We Are Happy We Could be My NFL Flag Football’s Graphic Designers and Artists!


In creating My NFL Flag Football’s logo design we took in many angles of what makes them awesome. We knew they were providing a fun, energetic and safe environment together with the toughness of the NFL (It’s non-contact but these kids are tough! ). After getting all their input and details of their vision and goals we went into our creator and designer hats and provided them several sketches and after some edits and communication with them we came up with a design we both loved and believed would be an inspire-maker and released their logo :)!

We are very happy to have added their logo to our portfolio and are ecstatic to know it is being used in their website, flyers, banners and all sorts of computer visual designs! We believe that NFL Flag Football will be an inspiration to every one of the little guys and will become an important part of their future! Visit My NFL Flag Football’s website at! If you want the same graphic design services for your company gives us a call today at (561) 320-7773!



The Little Guys Receiving Their Medals!


Request a Quote Now!

Call Today at (561) 320-7773 – Main office in West Palm Beach, FL

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