Partnering with a Marketing Agency – Santa Ana CA

Partnering with a Staffing Agency

Our relationship with Staffing Solutions started in the beginning of 2015 when I met the owner Fortino Rivera through an organization called Hispanic 100. This organization was founded with a purpose to equip and inspire young students in high school and college with tools to become successful in the corporate world. I took part of their mentorship program and I was lucky enough to be partnered with Fortino as my mentor.

Fast forward a few meetings, lunches and visits to his office in Santa Ana CA, I told him about what I was doing with The Red Design and how our goal is to help companies broaden their reach online in order to acquire more customers.

He liked what my partner and I had to offer and he decided to give us a try. It’s been almost 2 years now since we’ve known each other and by means of our marketing services we have developed a great relationship with Fortino and his partner Lucia Montellano.

Partner Goal: Know the BusinessTino_and_Lucia_standing_staffing_solutions

Here at The Red Design we try not to think of ourselves as vendors, instead, we act partners. If Staffing Solutions succeeds, we succeed. This is our mentality.

Just last month we met with Fortino over lunch (I had a delicious steak) and he updated us on his most pressing issues. We not only focus on helping him with his website and internet marketing but if there are other issues (which every business encounters) we try our best to meet those issues.

Partner Goal: Cater to Their Needs

How can someone know what the needs are without taking the time to ask? At The Red Design we make sure that our clients are getting the results they expect. And if for some reason we can’t deliver we practice being transparent and tell them what our issues are and how we can work together to solve them.

In the past months there were times when we had to retarget the marketing strategy. They told us how they were not getting as many calls for their temporary job openings. So we recommended launching an ad campaign on Facebook and asked them how they would like to advertise the job openings. By the next month we saw how the clicks to the Job Openings page increased. They were happy and we were happy.

By partnering with companies we become part of their team. We try our best to find solutions to their business problems as if it were our own. Why do we do it? Simply because we care. The mutual help will result in the benefit of all involved. Hopefully our relationship with Staffing Solutions will only get stronger and we’ll be able to reach new heights together!

In order to build their website we had to get to know their company. Check it out here.

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